Saturday, January 21, 2012

yellow and pink

Hello! so here's another one!... its a pink and yellow eye look. Sorry didn't post a pic of the full look :( to be honest I dint have the time to complete it :( but I will try to redo this look some other time when i decide to wear it out. I think this look is perfect for spring or just to wear on a day that its nice and bright out :)
For the Yellow I used the yellow from my MUFE color case palette
to be honest I would have just loved to use a plain yellow eyeshadow but as rare as this may sound I dont own one LOL if anyone knows of a really good one please tell me haha... so far I have heard that buttercupcake from sugarpill is really good, but any other suggestions?? or should i get that one??
To set it I used the yellow from the coastal scents 88 palette (matte)

And now for the pink... I used both of the hotpinks on the 88 palette and the lighter pinks to blend, and to underline my bottom lash line :)
This look can easily be combined with a soft pink look or if you want it more intense try a darker bright neon pink :)

thanks so much for stopping by :) GB 

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