Friday, December 31, 2010

Midnight glamour luminous highlighting powder by Victoria's Secret in Starlit

LOVE IT! enough said!... I've been using this highlighting powder on most of my looks. How I use it is just on my cheek bones with a hint of bright pink blush. I've used it with a bright pink blush I have by AVON name rose lustre and I've also used it alone with a little bronzer and it works lovely! And the compact oh! its beautiful thats what drew my attention to it at first haha its like holding a big diamond I love everything about it... the cost is I think $16 which is not to bad if its something you will be getting a lot of use from. I believe its a holiday collection so I'm not sure how long these will be out for.

Here I am wearing it on christmas eve not sure if you can notice the glow on my cheekbones 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mark eyeshadow palate on the dot

Has anyone tried these? for 15 bucks its really not bad at all.... this little palette has 9 eyeshadows pretty small though about the size of a dime, but they are really nice. They're all metallics. I love them I've had theme for a while already and I've used mostly all colors except the gold one haven't gotten to that one yet. They have a good texture to it if you dab them with your fingers they kinda feel a little bit creamy, feels nice. The only negative thing about them is that the purple one on the bottom right corner gets a little flaky when you use a brush with it so this involves a lot of dabbing with the fingers. But other then that I'm pretty satisfied with them, I like how it has a good amount of different shadows so you can create different looks with them. Avon is the carrier of Mark so if you know anyone that sells Mark I suggest trying it out, for 15 bucks its so worth it :)

From NC25 to C3

Ok people well here's the story... I have been using Macs studio fix in NC25 since i was like 17 so since 2004 its been my color since, and the last time I ran out I bought Estee Lauders Double wear foundation in tawny its a little more tanned then the NC25 studio fix but I prefer the tan look more then the pale one because my undertone is a little yellowy so I like to go a little darker but in a fair way so just recently I switched to MAC studio fix in C3 and it is much better for me then the NC25, I am seriously like "what was i thinking these past 6 years!?" I am really satisfied with my new color so if you wear NC25 and you are thinking of switching to something a little more darker try the C3

Make Up Artist Brush Belt Set by SEPHORA

Loving them! Got this set for christmas from my husband I was so blown away I wasn't expecting this at all! he actually put in a bigger box so when I opened it was in some box for a posture pump for your back lol so I was like ummm ugh thank you and then when I opened it The brushes were inside haha funny.... anyways! I love them they are supper soft and nice to work with the kabuki brush is one of my favorite it feels so soft and the handle size is really good too, I've tried other kabuki brushes with short handles and they work well too but sometimes I feel like the shorter the handle the  harder you press it on your face and well I really dont like that I like to have control and work my way in with my bronzers and powders. The eye brushes are really good too cant complain there. The belt is really cool too it fits nicely and I love how it has room for all your other brushes and a special little pocket for business cards, and it folds up nice and neatly after and you can carry it over your shoulders like a bag so thats pretty cool when your on the go.So yeah over all I'm in love with it. The value of it is actually $422 cause each one costs somewhere between $20 something-$40 something and plus the belt too, so Sephoras is selling the set for $275 which is really not that bad, but if you would rather spend less or might not need all these brushes just a few of them and not the belt Sephora has another set for $125 and it comes in a silver brush case its really cute too its limited though so might wanna check till when thats going on ... So yeah hope that this review can be helpful to anyone that was thinking of getting Sephora brushes... trust me you'll be getting your moneys worth :)
Face brushes:
Kabuki Brush
Fan Brush
Highlighting Brush
Face Brush
Angle Blush Brush
Foundation Brush 
Eye brushes:
Lash and Eyebrow comb
Crease Brush
All over shadow brush
Small eyeshadow brush
Smoky eyebrush
Concealer brush
Lip brush
Angled eyeliner brush
Smudge brush


Victoria's secret sexy little things noir tease

So I ran out of my viva la juicy by juicy couture and I've been missing since.. so for christmas my mom got me the sexy little things noir tease by Victoria's Secret and I amazed it smells almost exactly like the viva la juicy! and much more affordable too. I have the body mist which it costs $25 and the perfumes costs between $29-$49 compare to Juicy Couture Viva la juicy they run between $67-$87. Now im not putting down the juicy coutures viva la juicy at all! But if money is up tight right now to buy viva la juicy try getting sexy little things noir tease by VS I can guarantee you wont be disappointed by it.

My Hellos....

Hey everyone! well this is my first blog and I'm very excited to get started on this and be able so share ideas on makeup and anything having to do with beauty. A little bit about me is that I use to be employed by Lancome cosmetics through Gottschalks department store but in May of 2009 the store went bankrupt :( so we were left jobless, I worked there for about 6 or 7 months I started working over the counter and once i started getting more familiar with the products I got the opportunity to work for artistry and I loved it but unfortunately there wasn't much work for me there so I went back to working over the counter, Before working for Lancome I use to do makeup on my own but my experience compared to now was very little. Now that I feel that I have more experience and the right tools I wanna start advancing more in it and hopefully be able to make a good stable career out of it, but I do have a lot more to learn too because a makeup artist is never done learning :)
My goal of 2011 is first of all lose the baby weight no excuses he just turned one in december so I need to start shedding that weight off now, and I want to advance on this whole makeup thing, I ask God to please use me in a positive way so I can help women feel good on the outside as they do in the inside.... I love being apart of their big event and I love the happy look they get to see themselves all done up for their special events and plus I also love to be able to experiment with different looks and use different colors and just gain experience from it. Well this is me I really hope to be able to get some good feedback out of this.. GB :)