Thursday, December 30, 2010

From NC25 to C3

Ok people well here's the story... I have been using Macs studio fix in NC25 since i was like 17 so since 2004 its been my color since, and the last time I ran out I bought Estee Lauders Double wear foundation in tawny its a little more tanned then the NC25 studio fix but I prefer the tan look more then the pale one because my undertone is a little yellowy so I like to go a little darker but in a fair way so just recently I switched to MAC studio fix in C3 and it is much better for me then the NC25, I am seriously like "what was i thinking these past 6 years!?" I am really satisfied with my new color so if you wear NC25 and you are thinking of switching to something a little more darker try the C3

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