Thursday, December 1, 2011

coral/peach with just a splash of lilac

Surprisingly it was hard to find a picture of these 2 colors together (as far as flowers or objects), I searched for a while and nothing that matched the colors I put together for this look. I created this look somewhere about june or July, so its more of a summery spring look but if you wanna wear it now for winter then go for it! :) haha
Most of the colors on here are shades of corals and peaches the only Lilac you see is what i used under my eyes, and with just that tiny bit it gave it enough "pop"
On eyes i used MUFE flash color case in coral #2 as my base (and urban decay primer potion primer because i do have oily skin and since these are pretty greasy it can crease on me)
Used the light orange from coastal scents 88 palette and the light orange from the shimmery 88 palette
for the purple underneath the eyes I used Asphyxia eyeliner by urban decay with a little bit of purple shadow to set it 
cheeks, in mosaic orange, elf shimmery facial whip, applied with sephora stippling brush #44
For lips OCC lip tar in hush and grandma with nyx coralicious lip lacquer pot
Gracias for stopping by :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yellow! peachy baby! :)

 Hello Beauty bloggers!!!! I missed being on here :((( but im here now! yaeayy....
 Well I will be posting up looks that are not new to me but new to my blogger page.. Hope you like! 

This look is what i call yellow peachy baby LOL because i used yellow on my eyes and peach on my lips
I used #103 yellow from MUFE flash color case palette as my base (with my urband decay primer underneath, because if you have oily skin it can crease)
and to set it i used the yellow from coastal scents 88 palette
Lip color by OCC lip tar in GRANDMA
Thanks for stopping by! :) this is a very wearable colorful look hope you enjoy and try it yourself.. bye bye GB


Monday, June 27, 2011

Lime Crime lipstick in Great Pink Planet

This is one of the items I bought at IMATS from the Lime Crime. I ran in to a girl that was wearing a beautiful baby pink lipstick (and i had spent all day looking for that perfect pale pink to match my skin) so as soon as she told me where they were at I had to go check it out. As i was there i noticed they had a bunch of other colors too, very cute in like pastels and brights too. So I picked this one up its called Great Pink Planet, I was on their site today and I noticed they were sold out!!! so I feel super lucky to had been able to purchase this lipstick. I am in love with it! and the packaging is so cute! that little unicorn is so catchy haha ima love caring this around with me, it sorta gives it like an 80s feel to it :) well I really hope you get a chance to checkout their site and try out one of their lipsticks!
                                                           The packaging is adorable
Great Pink Planet
Its hard to see on my hand but its like a nude baby pink with a bit of brightness in it
Not my lips of course haha but its just so you can get an idea of how it looks cause my camera isnt picking up the color right 

 These are all the lipsticks they have on their site be sure to check them out when you get a chance... and thanks for stopping by :)


IMATS Los Angeles 2011

Hello Beauty Bloggers! Just wanted to share my amazing experience I had at IMATS (international makeup artits trade show) I went to the sunday show, and i shopped till my feet were out! haha. It was so great to meet different makeup artist from all over the place and checkout their work and detail to makeup. Makeup will not be the same to me from now on! haha I was amazed by all the talent there is out there, and just being able to be surrounded by people that have a passion for makeup was an unforgetable experience for me. I went prepared with a list of what i wanted because my teacher adviced us to do that cause you can go crazy and spend all your money in like one second haha... well I am very satisfied with the stuff I bought I'm so glad I got everything i wanted and some extra stuff. I will try to post swatches and reviews of the stuff I got so keep yourself posted for them :) and thanks for stoping by
                              The well known QUEEN OF BLENDING! So happy she was there :)
Got me 2 88 palettes one is the metallics and the other is the shimmer, 3 brushes from crown brush a flat bronzer brush, blending and smudge brush, Makeup Forever Professional 12 flash color case (that was number one on my list!), bronzer by nyx, a 7 set of glitters by eye kandy with the clear base to hold the glitters and 2 applicators, 2 glitter liners in gold and silver by nyx, 2 cream blushes by nyx, a masaic blush by nyx, 2 lipliners by nyx, a brow definer by nyx, lip lacquer by nyx in coral, a clear base lipgloss by naked cosmetics, lipstick by lime crime, 5 OCC lip tars, a nude gloss by Heidi D. cosmetics,and a lipgloss in beige by nyx 
so dont forget keep visiting me to see reviews and swatches also to see what kind of looks im going to create with the help of all this fabulous makeup :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mint cappuccino eyes

Hello beauty bloggers!... Mint cappuccino! sounds tasty haha... well now it can become wearable too, of course you wont get the amazing taste and smell out of it but we can at least create the colors in our eyes :) I had a great time putting this look together and I decided to go with a really light look and matte but if you wanna throw on some shimmer for a more dramatic look then go for it! haha I really hope you guys enjoy this look and feel free to do it how ever you feel is best :) have fun and dont forget to enjoy a mint cappuccino while doing this look :) see you next time 
In camera this is coming out a bit aqua baby blue but if you own a coastal scents 88 palette you will see that minty looking green up on the top and you will see the difference 
For the brown I used naked and buck by urban decay in my naked palette and in the bottom i used Darkhorse... for the minty part I first primed my eyes and then used NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base and then I added my minty green in my coastal scents 88 palette :)

HotPink and Gold.. Inspired by Bollywood fashion

Hello Beauty Bloggers!... So I have always loved the bollywood style I think its so alive and full of colors that normally we dont put together but somehow these beautiful bollywood ladies can haha... I been wanting to do my makeup bollywood style but I dont have the jewels to go along with it so I did a look inspired by the colors that are being worn by the picture above. Its a combo of Hotpink with Gold. I hope you like this look and i would love to see you guys give a try too and have fun with it :)
Blush: pink passion by e.l.f and highlighter by facial whip by e.l.f in spotlight

For the Gold I used half baked by urban decay and for the hotpink I used the hotpink in my coastal scents 88 palette for the crease I used the fushia purply looking one from the 88 palette in that same row of the pink ones and as a highlither under brows I used Virgin by Urban decay 


Elf tinted moisturizer

Hello beauty bloggers! :) so i purchased the elf tinted moisturizer that I have been tempted to try out for quite a while, and I must say I love it!.. it goes on very smothly and I love the main ingredients which are Aloe, cucumber, vitamins A,C, and E and it had SPF 20, for $3 bucks thats an amazing deal!... the texture is really smooth too and the coverage is medium which is fine for days when you just wanna be plain. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for nice afordable tinted moisturizer... I have also use this as a base for applying makeup (powder not foundation) and it looks great because it gives you the right amount of coverage and moisture. Well I really hope you give this a try and enjoy :)
Here I am wearing it with just a touch of blush and mascara.. Keep in mind i do go to school early haha so sometimes im in a rush to put on a full face haha

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

aquarium eyes

Hello Beauty Bloggers!... I did a look using blues and lavenders.. I honestly did it without knowing how it will result to be (i was actually in a hurry for school lol) but when I arrived at school one of my class mates said I looked like a mermaid lol so I thought hmmm maybe this could be an aquarium look..... Hope you guys like this look and give a try too :D
Used NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as my base (to bringout the colors) and used the aqua blue and lavender from my 88 CS palette
and for the bottom I used grifter by Urban Decay 
I combined this look with a light pink lipstick and gloss :D

Really hope you enjoyed this look... thanks for your visit :D 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Orchid Insp. Look

I received orchids as a gift from a friend from church and I couldnt stop starring at them they were so beautiful! and I loved the purple so I was like hmmm I think ima do my eyes like that and well of course I did lol... So what I did was I created two looks... One is a matte look and the other is a shimmery look so its wearable in two different ways, hope that you can try at least one out 

This is the shimmery look
Used Grifter by Urban Decay as my base color, then I used the fushia color on the 88 palette the one by the purples.. on my outer corners I used Last call by UD and a bit of oil slick
Underneath I used Grifter and Last call 
to make this look pop as a shimmery look I used a pearly highlighter on my cheekbones and very lightly underneath I did a soft plum blush 

made a separate blog for matte look

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red wine eyes

This look is a mix between a plum and red wine...  I used mostly just Urban Decay for this look and Micabella.. Hope you like :)

So to start I used UD 24/7 liner in the color rockstar (its a cross between a  plum and a bit maroon) and I applied it all over my eyelids to create a base with my fingers i spread it a little towards the crease. And then I added Micabellas loose powder shadow in Tango (I have an old blog that shows that color) and on my outter corner I used Oil slick by UD.

closer look... and as you can tell I used white eyeliner in my waterline (but thats optional)
Well hope you enjoyed this look and hope you give it a try :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

icee blue smoky eyes!

This look has become one of my favorite!!! I am so in love with the brightness of this look but yet also wearable as an evening look... Hope you love

First step I used an eyeliner by urban decay in ELECTRIC on my eyelids
second step I used Urban decays eyeshadow in shattered 
on my outer corners and crease I used oil slick by Urban decay (very lightly)
on the brow bone I did a sheen white shadow by lancome
and underneath my eyes I added shattered 
and liquid eyeliner on top :D
and the finished look!... remember make the eyes the main focus! so keep cheeks and lips very minimal by using very light neutrals or pinks

I really hope this was a look you enjoyed and try it out! its perfect for spring :D