Tuesday, May 17, 2011

aquarium eyes

Hello Beauty Bloggers!... I did a look using blues and lavenders.. I honestly did it without knowing how it will result to be (i was actually in a hurry for school lol) but when I arrived at school one of my class mates said I looked like a mermaid lol so I thought hmmm maybe this could be an aquarium look..... Hope you guys like this look and give a try too :D
Used NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as my base (to bringout the colors) and used the aqua blue and lavender from my 88 CS palette
and for the bottom I used grifter by Urban Decay 
I combined this look with a light pink lipstick and gloss :D

Really hope you enjoyed this look... thanks for your visit :D 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Orchid Insp. Look

I received orchids as a gift from a friend from church and I couldnt stop starring at them they were so beautiful! and I loved the purple so I was like hmmm I think ima do my eyes like that and well of course I did lol... So what I did was I created two looks... One is a matte look and the other is a shimmery look so its wearable in two different ways, hope that you can try at least one out 

This is the shimmery look
Used Grifter by Urban Decay as my base color, then I used the fushia color on the 88 palette the one by the purples.. on my outer corners I used Last call by UD and a bit of oil slick
Underneath I used Grifter and Last call 
to make this look pop as a shimmery look I used a pearly highlighter on my cheekbones and very lightly underneath I did a soft plum blush 

made a separate blog for matte look

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red wine eyes

This look is a mix between a plum and red wine...  I used mostly just Urban Decay for this look and Micabella.. Hope you like :)

So to start I used UD 24/7 liner in the color rockstar (its a cross between a  plum and a bit maroon) and I applied it all over my eyelids to create a base with my fingers i spread it a little towards the crease. And then I added Micabellas loose powder shadow in Tango (I have an old blog that shows that color) and on my outter corner I used Oil slick by UD.

closer look... and as you can tell I used white eyeliner in my waterline (but thats optional)
Well hope you enjoyed this look and hope you give it a try :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

icee blue smoky eyes!

This look has become one of my favorite!!! I am so in love with the brightness of this look but yet also wearable as an evening look... Hope you love

First step I used an eyeliner by urban decay in ELECTRIC on my eyelids
second step I used Urban decays eyeshadow in shattered 
on my outer corners and crease I used oil slick by Urban decay (very lightly)
on the brow bone I did a sheen white shadow by lancome
and underneath my eyes I added shattered 
and liquid eyeliner on top :D
and the finished look!... remember make the eyes the main focus! so keep cheeks and lips very minimal by using very light neutrals or pinks

I really hope this was a look you enjoyed and try it out! its perfect for spring :D 


orange spring lips

 orange/coral lips are so in for this spring and summer I had a blast putting this look together... I wore this look for easter sunday :D I really hope that you enjoy... there's many ways to put together orange or coral looks.. in december I did one that i posted up on my blog but it was a llittle more coraly and it involved a pinkish coraly eyeshadow... so if you are looking for something more simple try this look out... 
to create this look i used a white sheen eyeshadow (lancome's drape shadow)
I did false lashes just on my ends (3 sets of flares)
as for my cheeks I just used a highlighter with a pearly affect
used white eyeliner in my water line to brighten  up my eyes (lancome's blanc eyeliner) i went with white because to much black can make this more of an evening look so the white is always great to brighten it up
and now for the lips I used a coraly red lipliner by nyx
and i used 2 orange lipsticks 
I dotted on a redorange lipstick i love by avon in the color poppy (just as a base) 
then I applied a coraly sheen one also by avon over the poppy lipstick

(i am trying to post a swatch of these lipsticks but for somereason my phone isnt sending it to my email :( so i will uploaded up here as soon as i get it)

thanks so much for stopping by! :)

shimmery bronzy look

This look was created when I went out with my husband for our 1 year anniversary... I did a simple wearable look, because I was not sure where we were going so I did something simple but nice for like dinner or a movie :D I really hope you guys like it

So first I mixed these two colors (even though they look a like in picture they actually dont, the one on the right is a micabella color that I got years ago I think its discountinued now, the color is like a peach iridescent color) the color above is streaptease by micabella
Step #2 I applied the mix of those all over my eye area leaving the brow bone area clean
Then I applied the color smog on my outer corner
Used a fluffy blending brush
On my brow gone I used the second eyeshadow (going down below the white one on the left corner) from my coastal scents 88 palette 


I used oil slick by urban decay for my crease and underneath my eyes (I had to upload a pic online cause my camera phone was getting this pic blurry cause of the glitter)
  and now the finished look :D