Thursday, May 5, 2011

shimmery bronzy look

This look was created when I went out with my husband for our 1 year anniversary... I did a simple wearable look, because I was not sure where we were going so I did something simple but nice for like dinner or a movie :D I really hope you guys like it

So first I mixed these two colors (even though they look a like in picture they actually dont, the one on the right is a micabella color that I got years ago I think its discountinued now, the color is like a peach iridescent color) the color above is streaptease by micabella
Step #2 I applied the mix of those all over my eye area leaving the brow bone area clean
Then I applied the color smog on my outer corner
Used a fluffy blending brush
On my brow gone I used the second eyeshadow (going down below the white one on the left corner) from my coastal scents 88 palette 


I used oil slick by urban decay for my crease and underneath my eyes (I had to upload a pic online cause my camera phone was getting this pic blurry cause of the glitter)
  and now the finished look :D



  1. First Congrats on you and your hubby's 1 year Anniversary:0) Your makeup is very pretty and I loved how you showed the look step by step.

  2. thank you!
    everytime i do my makeup im like dang i should have done a step by step thing but i keep forgetting cause im always in a rush but for this look i took my time... but i really wanna start doing all my looks step by step i feel like it would be very helpful