Monday, May 9, 2011

Orchid Insp. Look

I received orchids as a gift from a friend from church and I couldnt stop starring at them they were so beautiful! and I loved the purple so I was like hmmm I think ima do my eyes like that and well of course I did lol... So what I did was I created two looks... One is a matte look and the other is a shimmery look so its wearable in two different ways, hope that you can try at least one out 

This is the shimmery look
Used Grifter by Urban Decay as my base color, then I used the fushia color on the 88 palette the one by the purples.. on my outer corners I used Last call by UD and a bit of oil slick
Underneath I used Grifter and Last call 
to make this look pop as a shimmery look I used a pearly highlighter on my cheekbones and very lightly underneath I did a soft plum blush 

made a separate blog for matte look


  1. cute! i love orchids, the colors are beautiful on your eyes, really pigmented :) i'll try out the look during the springtime! plz check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment


  2. You are a gorgeous girl! And I love where you got your inspiration from!<3 Really sweet blog, love!

    Following!! =0)

  3. awww thank you ladies!
    flowers are perfect for inspirations :)