Thursday, May 5, 2011

orange spring lips

 orange/coral lips are so in for this spring and summer I had a blast putting this look together... I wore this look for easter sunday :D I really hope that you enjoy... there's many ways to put together orange or coral looks.. in december I did one that i posted up on my blog but it was a llittle more coraly and it involved a pinkish coraly eyeshadow... so if you are looking for something more simple try this look out... 
to create this look i used a white sheen eyeshadow (lancome's drape shadow)
I did false lashes just on my ends (3 sets of flares)
as for my cheeks I just used a highlighter with a pearly affect
used white eyeliner in my water line to brighten  up my eyes (lancome's blanc eyeliner) i went with white because to much black can make this more of an evening look so the white is always great to brighten it up
and now for the lips I used a coraly red lipliner by nyx
and i used 2 orange lipsticks 
I dotted on a redorange lipstick i love by avon in the color poppy (just as a base) 
then I applied a coraly sheen one also by avon over the poppy lipstick

(i am trying to post a swatch of these lipsticks but for somereason my phone isnt sending it to my email :( so i will uploaded up here as soon as i get it)

thanks so much for stopping by! :)


  1. Great post and your lip color looks Gorgeous! I also love your eyelashes and earrings!

    I just brought a coral lipstick from Maybelline called Coral crush and I dont like the way it looks on me, so I'm going to take it back and try a different shade of coral.

  2. thanks keisha :D
    Maybe you should try more of redorange coral one i love the avon one i have... i wanna post a swatch of it but my email isnt receiving anything right now so once i get it ill post it up :D