Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mark eyeshadow palate on the dot

Has anyone tried these? for 15 bucks its really not bad at all.... this little palette has 9 eyeshadows pretty small though about the size of a dime, but they are really nice. They're all metallics. I love them I've had theme for a while already and I've used mostly all colors except the gold one haven't gotten to that one yet. They have a good texture to it if you dab them with your fingers they kinda feel a little bit creamy, feels nice. The only negative thing about them is that the purple one on the bottom right corner gets a little flaky when you use a brush with it so this involves a lot of dabbing with the fingers. But other then that I'm pretty satisfied with them, I like how it has a good amount of different shadows so you can create different looks with them. Avon is the carrier of Mark so if you know anyone that sells Mark I suggest trying it out, for 15 bucks its so worth it :)

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