Monday, February 14, 2011

Micabella Mineral Eyeshadows

Hello Ladies :) so this weekend I purchased 4 Micabella eyeshadows that can be worn dry or wet. Micabella has a very large selection of eyeshadows it was so hard to just pick or 2 or 3 or 4 haha i wanted them all.. But for now 4 is good enough. They have a really nice metallic look when applied wet and I nice sheer shimmery look when dry. These shadows are actually versatiles they can be used as lip gloss, hair glitter, nail polish or even blush (depending on the color). They give you a little card with instructions on how to use them in different ways. So hope you enjoy these shades and I will for sure be buying some more and posting them up :)
Pink (glitter), striptease, tease, tango

cosmetic glitter in Pink
Top is wet and bottom is dry
Top is wet bottom is dry
Top wet and bottom dry
Top wet bottom dry
  (these eyeshadows and much more are available at or some malls too)

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